Our International Patient Call Center Has Launched

Yenimahalle EAH

USHAŞ, which is established as the relevant institution of the Ministry of Health in order to promote the services offered in Turkey in the field of international health services, to support and coordinate the activities of the public and private sectors for health tourism, to make recommendations to the Ministry on policies and strategies regarding international health services and service delivery standards, implemented the call center project for communication of foreign patients.


The call center, serving under the Ministry of Health, was restructured in cooperation with USHAŞ and became operational under the name of “International Patient Call Center”.


The call center has started to provide services in 6 languages (Arabic, Russian, English, French, Persian, and German) via 0090 850 288 38 38, 7 days 24 hours in order to provide a better and quality service to international patients who want to receive or already received health services in Türkiye.