Ankara sağlık turizmi

As Yenimahalle Training and Research Hospital, we aim for international patients to receive quality and fast health care. With our experienced healthcare professionals and high-tech equipment, we aim to provide better and quality healthcare to our international patients, and to support individuals to lead a healthier life by meeting their health-related needs. We systematically examine the satisfaction of our patients who apply to our hospital within the scope of health tourism or tourist health through face-to-face surveys and use the data obtained to improve the services offered. We provide services in line with our national policy with our experienced physicians and well-trained healthcare professionals in surgery and internal sciences.

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In the globalizing world, the increase in cooperation between countries, freedom of travel and opportunities, providing convenience in transportation, the development of quality in health care in different parts of the world, both individual and budget-related difficulties in health care financing have increased the importance of the concept of health tourism in the world.

Today, the problems that occur as a result of industrialization and urbanization have negative effects on human and public health. In unhealthy societies, workforce and production capacity are decreasing. In order to protect human health, increase labor productivity and production, natural tourism resources (clean air, sun, healing thermal waters, climate) opportunities are utilized.

Health tourism; In short, it is the visit of individuals to a country outside their country of residence for the purpose of obtaining both preventive, curative, rehabilitative and health-improving services. Health tourism is a sector that allows health institutions to grow by using its mobility potential for international health purposes.

Health tourism;

Thermal Health Tourism
Medical Tourism
Elderly Tourism (3rd Age Tourism, 3rd Age Tourism)
It includes the concepts of Disabled Tourism.
In addition, international patient classification was made by the Ministry of Health as follows;

“Medical Tourist” for persons traveling from their place of residence to gain health,
“Patient Receiving Services within the Scope of Tourist Health” for tourists who have to receive emergency or unplanned health services during their holidays,
"Patient Coming from Countries with Bilateral Agreements in the Field of Health" to those who come to Türkiye within the scope of bilateral agreements made by the Ministry of Health with some countries in many areas related to health,
Persons who come to Türkiye to benefit from each other's health services within the scope of the agreement between social security institutions are called "Patient Coming from Countries Contracted with the Social Security Institution".