Urology Clinic

Medical and surgical repertoire:
▶▶ Sling surgeries on women that have urine incontinence (mini sling, TOD, TVT)
▶▶ Artificial urinary sphincter practices on men
▶▶ One piece and multipartite penile prosthesis surgeries on men with erectile dysfunction
▶▶ Hypospadias on children
▶▶ Reconstructive surgery, such as epispadias
▶▶ Injection therapy related with VUR treatment (sting)
▶▶ Botulin toxin (botox) practices in neurogenic bladder
▶▶ Valve ablation surgeries for PUV (posterior urethral valve) therapy
▶▶ TUR surgeries with plasma system for non-malignant prostate enlargement
▶▶ Endoscopic (flexible/rigid URS, PNL, laser) and laparoscopic methods for lithotrity surgery on children and adults