Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic

In our department, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to cardiovascular surgery are carried out. Vascular diseases (vascular occlusions, vascular enlargement, varicose veins), the causes of varicose veins are determined and the treatment method is determined. Treatment procedures for capillary varices, venous ulcer bandage applications are also performed.

Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Clinic of all kinds of heart surgery is successfully performed. These include all kinds of coronary by-pass surgery, heart valve repair or artificial valve replacement operations, heart tumor operations and aneurysms, dissection surgeries. Furthermore, isolation of carotid vessels and the same seansta solution with by-pass of this operation are successfully applied. 

Medical and surgical repertoire:

▶▶ Coronary artery by-pass
▶▶ Cardiac valve operations
▶▶ Aorta aneurism
▶▶ Aorta dissections
▶▶ Peripheral vascular and venous surgery
▶▶ Paediatric heart operations